Vision & Mission

Contribution to reductions in illitreacy and unemployment in boys and girls especially in the underprivileged population living in the rural areas for improving the quality of life and socio economic conditions.
Providing a friendly, inclusive, learning environment ahere all take pride in learning and achievement.
The primary mission is to prepare students to become knowledgeable, contribution citizens in a country of diverse cultures. Vital to the mission of this educational group is the discovery of new knowledge through teaching and learning, research and creative activity. The role of this group is to nurture and sustain the learning and understanding process.
Committed to excellence in scholarship, the group assumes a leadership role in education, creative activities and social work. The group values the integration of learning and discovery in its efforts to develop and support distinctive gradutae programs that enhance the employbility of the students.
The group also serves as the port of entry for those students who have not decided upon a particular program of study, offering general education courses which support every curriculum. Thus, as the academic heart of the district, the group has a special responsibility and commitment to ensure the highest quality education for boys and girls of rural areas.